Huddersfield Town Hall 1pm

26 November 2018

Gordon Stewart

One of the most remarkable stops on the Father Willis organ is the Grand Tuba which will certainly be in evidence in the opening piece, Christopher Morris’s arrangement of Verdi’s Grand March. Georg Böhm’s Vater unser is one of the most beautiful pieces in the Baroque organ repertoire.

Liszt’s massive Fantasia and Fugue on a theme from Meyerbeer’s opera, The Prophet, ends this recital.  It has been described as a ‘Gothic masterpiece’ and it is perfectly suited to the Huddersfield Willis organ, every one of whose stops will be heard!


Verdi arr Morris                               Grand March from Aida                  

Böhm                                                 Prelude on Vater unser

Bach                                                  Trio Sonata 1

Vierne                                               Allegro vivace (Symphonie 1)

Liszt                                                   Fantasia and Fugue Ad nos ad salutarem undam

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