St Michael and All Angels, Houghton-le-Spring 19.00

Gordon is back in Houghton-le-Spring to play the 1932 Harrison organ. The programme is designed to use all the resources of this wonderful organ in the beautifully restored church. 

March in C (Dance Suite)                                                     Noel Rawsthorne (1929 – 2019)

A Maggott                                                                             Thomas Arne (1710 – 1778)

Fugue on the Magnificat                                                      Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

Impromptu in D                                                                    Sydney Nicholson (1875 – 1947)

Marche Militaire                                                                    Franz Schubert (1797 – 1828)                                                                  


Sonata 2                                                                              Felix Mendelssohn (1809 – 1847)

Sanctuary of the Heart                                                         Albert Ketèlbey (1875 – 1959)

Folk Tune and Divertimento                                                Percy Whitlock (1903 – 1946)

Toccata in B flat Minor                                                         Louis Vierne (1870 – 1937)


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“Gordon Stewart is a marvellously engaging performer. He almost literally runs onto the stage, and before he plays a note transmits a sense of energy, fun and anticipation. This touch of showbiz and the scattering about of funny stories prepares you to fully enjoy yourself. Gordon’s ‘show’ is very visual, but nothing of this style of delivery detracts from the seriously good musicianship of his performance. On the contrary, it energises and places in the mainstream an instrument which, certainly in the eyes of the young and the unchurched, can seem stuffy and dull……Gordon Stewart is a vibrant and accomplished player, at one with his instrument and his audience, whom he delighted from beginning to end.” Organ Australia
Organ Australia
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